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This is a body of work I produced for the Dark Alice show at the Yukon Arts Centre in 2021. I would like them out in the world so I am offering them at special prices. 

I wrote some little vignettes to power the paintings and I have combined them here in a pdf for you to look at. Please look at it in two page view. 


It isn't a book and, honestly, I am not sure it ever will be unless I can find funding to allow me the time to paint it and write it. 


Each is painted on Arches 140# watercolour paper then coated with an archival UV protective spray and mounted on a cradled wood panel. You may want to get a floating frame for it but, with proper care, you can just hang it on the wall. 


Also, each has an accompanying text panel which I am throwing in for the price of the painting. These are all professionally printed and laminated. 

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