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These are the watercolour paintings by Rob Ingram. I work primarily in watercolour with ventures into digital art and polymer clay. My style has been called whimsical but I prefer to say I paint in a storybook style, heavily influenced by many illustrators including Arthur Rackham, Brian Froud, Alan Lee and Julie Vivas.


Having lived and worked in the Yukon for over 40 years, the surrounding boreal forest and my neighbourhood seeps into my paintings. I like creating fun, the juxtaposition of big and small, the unlikely, and making vertigo happen.

Birds often appeared in my paintings, but not as the main characters. Lately, I have given them centre stage. 

All of these images are for sale either as originals or giclée prints. Click on the picture to find out more. 

I will ship prints to you in a heavy cardboard folder. Originals will be packed carefully but I cannot guarantee the glass. Shipping costs depend on where you live. I will give you a price via Canada Post or courier of your choice.

CONTACT me  if you are interested in purchasing. 

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