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Inventory & Evaluation

Old Log Church in Whitehorse. Designated as a Yukon Historic Site in 2014. 

The first formal Yukon Historic Sites Inventory began in 1986. We conducted the recording and were part of the team that developed the evaluation criteria. Since then, we have been involved in several inventory and site assessments. Selected projects include:


Old Log Church. Preparation of Yukon Historic Sites Nomination Form for Yukon Church Heritage Society. 2014    


Alaska Highway National Historic Sites and Monuments Board Nomination. Preparation of ten nomination documents for selected Alaska Highway sites in the Yukon. 2014 


Whitehorse Telegraph Office: Statement of Significance. Prepared for City of Whitehorse. 2010 

Statements of Significance. Writer of several historic site evaluations reports required prior to designation under the City of Whitehorse Heritage By-law and federal legislation. Ongoing. 


Department of Public Works Housing in Whitehorse. An inventory and evaluation of post war housing for City of Whitehorse. 2004


Whitehorse Heritage Building Reports. Evaluations of fourteen heritage structures for the City of Whitehorse, Heritage Advisory Committee. 1999/2000 


Yukon River Corridor Plan. Historic resource inventory and assessment for this multidisciplanary planning team for Gartner Lee Ltd.1999 

Montana Mountain: Research & Inventory Project. Prepared for Government of Yukon, Heritage Branch.1995


Carcross and Bennett Railway Stations. A history and evaluation prepared for the National Historic Sites and Monuments Board.1991


The Alaska Highway: A Thematic Study. A history and evaluation of historic resources prepared for Heritage Branch, Government of Yukon.1991 


Klondike City Historic Resource Assessment. Prepared for the Yukon Heritage Inventory, Heritage Branch, Gov't of the Yukon.1990 


Inland Water Transportation System Research Project. Stage 1 in an ongoing Parks Canada research project. 1997


Yukon Historic Sites Inventory. Developed thematic framework, inventoried and assisted in the evaluation of historic sites in all Yukon Communities. 1986-87 

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