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Cultural and Heritage Resource Consultants


Midnight Arts, the partnership of Rob Ingram and Helene Dobrowolsky, offers research, interpretation and planning for historic sites, museums and cultural centres, parks, and land use developments.


Our joint and individual projects have included:

  • research, writing, editing 

  • design, graphic and fine art

  • exhibit preparation

  • Yukon history / oral history instruction

  • curriculum development 

  • heritage resource inventory, evaluation, planning and management

  • heritage interpretation

  • environmental research


Our clients include municipal, First Nation, Yukon, and federal governments as well as non profit societies and various businesses.

On many projects, we work with a team of other specialists — as both lead consultant and team member — including designers, educators, naturalists, architects, interpreters, planners and community resource people.

Please see a full list of projects and clients here for further details. 


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