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Historic Sites Policy
We have been involved in developing heritage management policy for the Yukon Government, the City of Whitehorse and the Yukon Heritage Resources Board. 


Yukon Historic Resources Fund. Developed policy, procedures and application form for the Yukon Heritage Resources Board. 2003


Next Steps: Program and Procedural Options for Heritage Resource Management. Policy and procedures options for City of Whitehorse. 2002

Yukon Historic Sites Designation Procedures. Developed a process and manual for evaluation of historic sites of territorial significance for the Yukon Heritage Resources Board. 2001


City of Whitehorse Heritage Management Plan. Worked with Donald Luxton to develop management plan and conduct site evaluation for the City of Whitehorse. 2000


Yukon Heritage Resources Board Strategic Plan. Compilation of resolutions and directions into a strategic plan.1999


Report to the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage. Report on status of Yukon heritage resources and institutions for the Yukon Heritage Resources Board.1999


Yukon Historic Sites Inventory. Part of a team developing inventory and evaluation criteria, including thematic framework, for Government of Yukon with Great Plains Research. 1986


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